S.1863 is deceptively named "Native Species Protection Act". Republican U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and United States Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced legislation that would strip federal Endangered Species Act protections for animals and plants found in only one state. Known as intrastate species, such imperiled animals and plants make up the majority of the 1,655 species protected under the act. The legislation was created to oppose the protection of the Utah prairie dog, an animal only found in Utah.

In addition to ending protections for the prairie dog, the legislation would terminate protections for all 1,098 intrastate species, including 497 species in Hawaii, 234 species in California, 86 species in Florida and 20 species in Utah. Please help us take a stand against S. 1863 the deceptively named "Native Species Protection Act"! This bill is one of our biggest threats to our endangered species, and should never become law. Sign below to urge your representatives to protect our endangered species.

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