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Water Pollution


  • Revoked a rule that prevented coal companies from dumping mining debris into local streams.
  • Withdrew a proposed rule aimed at reducing pollutants, including air pollution, at sewage treatment plants.
  • Withdrew a proposed rule requiring groundwater protections for certain uranium mines.
  • Weakened federal rules regulating the disposal and storage of coal ash waste from power plants. (A second phase of this rollback is still under way.)

In Progress

  • Proposed rolling back protections for certain tributaries and wetlands that the Obama administration wanted covered by the Clean Water Act.
  • Delayed by two years an E.P.A. rule regulating limits on toxic discharge, which can include mercury, from power plants into public waterways.
  • Ordered the E.P.A. to re-evaluate a section of the Clean Water Act and related guidance that allows states to reject or delay federal projects – including pipelines and other fossil fuel facilities – if they don’t meet local water quality goals.